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What is "Rounds"?
Continuing education in Medicine distinguishes itself by a learning practice known as "grand rounds". During rounds, young and experienced physicians come together in the presence of one or more clinical experts to share knowledge and practice clinical diagnostic skills. Doctors move from patient to patient in a hospital ward to discuss each patient’s case.

Education has fewer opportunities for this kind of collaborative life-long professional learning. To stay abreast of current developments in our field while continuing to teach, we at Wiseman today begin an initiative to collect, review and share experiences with our learning community, a sort of cyber rounds.

How often does "Rounds" get updated?
Published three times a year for teachers, administrators and parents, Rounds at Wiseman brings fellow educators face to face with issues, people and events that affect our learning community.

Rounds at Wiseman are shared publicly free of charge at: http://www.wiseman.com.hk/rounds

Do we have a print version?
Yes. The print version is available for each case of Rounds.

How can you contact the faculty you read about in Rounds?
Many teachers are willing to share their experiences and teaching strategies, as well as allow classroom visits. For privacy protection, we do not publish teachers’ contact information directly, but we will help people to contact one another. If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us at: WeCare@wiseman.com.hk